Unelectable You Circa 2016


This was the official website for Unelectable You: The Second City’s Completely Unbiased Political Revue created by Slate and The Second City.
Content is from the site's archived pages as well as other outside sources.

Unfortunately for us, the candidate we all thought was unelectable, was elected.


Slate Presents Unelectable You: The Second City's Completely Unbiased Political Revue


Wouldn’t you like to take this whole election process and rip it apart with your bare hands? Why not let Second City and Slate do it for you!

Yes, Second City and Slate present Unelectable You: The Second City’s Completely Unbiased Political Revue, a fast-paced combination of sketch, improv, music and multi-media taking a hard-hitting look at our election process. We’re stuck with two of the least popular candidates in election history, and many people will be using this election not to vote for someone, but against. From breaking down Hillary and Donald, to exploring the media circus, to looking at ourselves to see if we’re the problem, this show will examine what it means to be electable – or not.

120 minutes with a brief intermission.
Recommended for ages 16 and up.



About The Second City: Beginning as a small cabaret theater on Chicago’s north side in 1959, The Second City has grown to become a comedy empire, building a robust $55+ million business based on its core improvisational methodologies. Resident theaters in Chicago and Toronto create topical sketch comedy revues that satirize politics, culture and news of the day.  Additionally, Second City performs thousands of shows each year in regional theaters, colleges, performing arts centers. Beyond its stages, The Second City created the foremost school of improvisation-based arts in the world with training facilities in Chicago, Toronto and Los Angeles that currently enrolls over 11,000 students annually; a corporate division that works with hundreds of Fortune 500 companies in areas of training, marketing, entertainment and brand services; and The Second City’s forays into television and new media include the classic, Emmy Award-winning comedy series SCTV and continues to produce new content and programming.


About Slate: Slate is a daily magazine on the Web that offers analysis and commentary about news, politics, culture, business, law, and technology. Slate‘s strong editorial voice and witty take on current events have been recognized with numerous awards, including the National Magazine Award for General Excellence Online and the Missouri Honor Medal for Distinguished Service in Journalism. Reaching 24 million unique visitors per month, Slate is a division of Graham Holdings Company. For more information about Slate, visit www.slate.com.



Slate and The Second City To Launch Live, Political Comedy Show

"Unelectable You" National Tour Will Kick Off In Summer 2016.

NEW YORK (March 8, 2016) Slate, the daily web magazine that seeks to explain and analyze the world in a provocative, witty, and intelligent way, announced today a partnership with renowned Chicago-based comedy theater The Second City, to produce a traveling, election-themed live political comedy show kicking off in August 2016 and running through November, during the peak of the 2016 election season. The tour will play 12-15 cities across the nation including a 4-6 week run in Chicago starting in August and a stop at the Kennedy Center October 14 & 15. Full tour dates and cities will be announced shortly.

In addition to the talents of The Second City, the legendary institution that’s incubated America’s best comedic talent for over fifty years, the Slate/Second City collaboration will incorporate Slate writers and personalities into each show. Comprising both scripted and improvisational portions, the production will explore topics such as campaign trail scandals, what makes a candidate “electable,” how voters consume political news, and much more.  
The “Unelectable You” creative team includes veteran Second City director Matt Hovde and writers Steve Waltien, Tyler Alexander, Billy Bungeroth,Marla Caceres, Ed Furman, Scott Morehead, Carley Moseley and John Thibodeaux. The design team includes William Boles (Set), Heather Gilbert (Lighting), Jesse Case (Sound and Composition), Mike Tutaj (Projections) and Raquel Adorno (Costumes).

“As countless runners up have learned, being qualified is not the same as being ‘electable,’ says Hovde. “Unelectable You is a shout out to the fractured and confusing process we have of choosing a leader, as viewed through the lenses of Slate and Second City.”
“Over 20 years, covering six presidential elections, Slate has always been just as interested in the comedy of the campaign trail as in its drama,” says Dan Kois, Slate’s culture editor. “We’re thrilled to work with a troupe as skilled, smart, and passionate as The Second City to give our readers and podcast fans a brand new live-show experience full of the full-throated commentary they love.”


In very funny 'Unelectable You,' Second City does pay-for-play politics

August 5, 2016 By Chris Jones / Chicago Tribune

At one point in "Unelectable You," the very funny new political show at The Second City's UP Comedy Club, the host Cody Dove auctions off the next scene. Pay up, he says, and we'll improvise on anything in the world you want.
It was a smart crowd, careless with its cash: "Bill and Monica" ($3), "Trump University" ($4), "a British pound for Brexit," "Trump visits a proctologist" ($5, not me but could have been me), "the water in Rio" and, wait for it, "Gary Johnson."
That would be the candidate for the Libertarian Party. That not-so-libertarian, no-bid-returned auction has ticked off a few people, who complained to this newspaper, pre-opening, that Second City was padding its pockets with their good-faith cash, but Dove has now added the line, "We're donating the money to Planned Parenthood, whether you like it or not."
That funny bit — designed to make the point that pay-for-play is how the American political process works — mostly is a rip-off from a previous Second City show. That greatest-hit repeat is justifiable, perhaps, because "Unelectable You" actually is a made-in-Chicago show designed to tour several cities this fall, in the weeks leading up to the election.
It is a co-branded affair with Slate, which, like many media organizations, is looking to expand its revenue opportunities by showcasing its personalities and producing live events. Ah, the old boundaries are gone!
On Thursday night, the "special guest" from Slate was journalist and Slate news director Allison Benedikt (full disclosure, she used to work at the Tribune), who called in, from Brooklyn. She's a sharp observer and her disembodied voice offered up some of the very same Grade A snark that I used to hear, live, in my right ear, right in our newsroom.
Benedikt was a fun addition (there are others planned from Slate). But when Dove, who is a big, Late Night With-esque talent, starts saying stuff like "Hey, there was a great article on Slate about ...," or when that Slate logo starts to take over on the video board, it begins to feel too much like branded content to moi.

I say total creative freedom must remain sacred on Wells Street, touring show or no touring show. Sure, take a partner, take the check, use the brand, whatever. But don't suck up in the show. Not after all these years, folks.
All that said, I actually think "Unelectable You" deserves to do very well. It's an exceptionally smart and funny show, indicative of the formidable staging chops of Matt Hovde, the el primo director in today's much-morphing Second City. The Mainstage and e.t.c. shows right now actually do not contain much political stuff — these days, those shows run for too many months for that. But in an election year, that's a missed opportunity.
And it leaves a real hole for "Unelectable You," which has been nimble enough to include a scene (with newcomer Tien Tran) about Clint Eastwood.
So, dear reader, over the next month or so, I'd pick this very nonlocal show over both of the major revues, assuming you like to laugh at, say, the revealing Trump-Pence logo, or Bernie Sanders, here looking a lot like a socialist Muppet.
Or if you live in fear of a dystopic Trump presidency: "What do you think of this abortion bill?" "Pay it."
"The first time he saw me," says Carisa Barreca's Melania Trump, "he looked at me and said, 'you will be my wife.' "
"Hillary did the same to me," says Frank Caeti's sad Bill Clinton, previewing how the former president likely will be characterized in talk shows. For, like, the next eight years.
Owens also does a decent Barack Obama, here seen preening in a parting address. "First off, America," he says, "You're welcome."
Other notable amusements include a live, group phone call placed to Rep. Mike Quigley, some well-earned trashing of comment-board trolls and, in a moment so golden for these Trumpian times that I briefly suspected a fix, the volunteer from the audience elected president during the show turned out to be a visiting actor from Mexico City. He ascended to the Oval Office, Alan Linic's Trump spluttering all the way.
For the record, a preshow poll revealed all of one Republican in the house. One. Wow. Out of a couple of hundred people. Tough times for the party of Abraham Lincoln, although Second City is the least of its current problems.
Chris Jones is a Tribune critic.


Elect Laughter

The Second City wins in a landslide with its smart, funny Unelectable You: The Second City's Completely Unbiased Political Revue at the Majestic Theatre.

by Amy Martin / published Friday, November 4, 2016

Dallas — Fairly early on in Unelectable You: The Second City’s Completely Unbiased Political Revue, presented Tuesday at the Majestic Theatre under the banner of AT&T Performing Arts Center’s Off-Broadway on Flora series, one cast member proffers that “political opinion is a spectrum, not a binary.” The sentiment, together with the final number and its refrain “Let’s start to change tonight, let’s get unstuck,” served as bookends to a briskly paced evening of sketch, song, and improv. With Slate as co-producer you know what the political slant will be, yet it was still an equal-opportunity-offense show, with even Bernie Sanders going under the comedic knife. All laced with Second City’s trademark humanist philosophy that gives you hope for homo sapiens.

Emcee and ringleader Cody Dove was a masterful, possibly legendary, thing to behold. Intense, loud, lightning-fast and always in control (you can see where Ophira Eisenberg takes her cues), he looked spiffy in dark gray suit, black glasses, blue tie, and red pocket kerchief. When cast members frequently ventured into the audience for comedy bits, he wittily dispatched those who offered idiot suggestions. Dove was well-stocked with quips on locals’ favorite whipping posts and wondered how Texit was working out, deeming us “Texas, the Scotland of North America” for our crazed bellicose politicians.

Photo: Timothy M. Schmidt
The Second City's Unelectable You

With the election the focus, the gleefully wicked Frank Caeti did his turn as Donald Trump with what appeared to be a golden mound of cotton candy on his head. His exceedingly affable Bill Clinton appeared in a skit with Carisa Barreca as Melania Trump. The long-suffering spouses snarked it up like a couple of old pals and pondered sabotaging the campaign. After eviscerating Hillary’s voice, looks, demeanor and abject tech skills, talk turned to Trump, with Caeti’s Clinton noting “It’s like he wants to win the election, but not be president,” and chuckling how Trump listed his relationship with Putin as “it’s complicated.” on Facebook.

Barreca has great pipes and knocked it off the charts with newcomer Tien Tran in “Poor Hillary.” They pondered, “How will we survive without being a man,” and exulted that “there’s going to be a V in D.C.” The duo excelled in another duet on the impossibly fine balance female candidates must achieve, with demands for just the right tone of voice or facial expression to be “like they’ve never had a period ever.” It’s easy: “Just be yourself—be a man.” A blend of wit and empathy that’s oh so rare.

The intensely angular Alan Linic and slim black hipster Ian Owens brought to life a Broadway-quality song on nostalgia for genteel politics that never were. They lamented in another showstopper the country being stuck in a deathly rut of reaction and indignation, leading Owens to ponder: “If I become a cop, do I have to shoot myself?” Both songs were poignant and insightful.

Sketches reached their apex in the Island of Almost Presidents, with new arrival Bernie Sanders (Linic) being given the inside scoop by Harold Stassen (Dove), the 1940s and ’50s-era politician who unsuccessfully sought the GOP nomination 11 times. . (A history nerd sketch; I love these people!) Stassen relayed the reams of candidates lost to sex scandals and all the independent-candidate castaways.

In a splendid bit on internet trolls, the cast portrayed comments (including emojis) come to life. ALL CAPS was always yelling, another responded with abortion comments no matter what the topic, even spam as penis pills and mortgage refinance ads spoke up. Dove jumped in to award points when a record for bogus Holocaust references was broken.

Multimedia made its requisite appearance. Barreca shone in silent stand-up, letting text queries on the screen speak for her as she cleverly explored populist manipulation. At one point we were asked to “Cheer if you hate being goaded to cheer.” Cody interviewed Slate writer Joshua Keating via Skype chat on the current political hot topics, generating ideas and riffs for subsequent improv.

Indeed, it’s not a Second City show without some improv, and they boasted some truly creative approaches to the art. Frank Caeti as a low-information caveman voter chatted it up with Dove, which inspired punchlines and bits from the remaining cast standing nearby. It generated the barb by Dove: “When Afghanistan doesn’t come up in debates, but Rosie O’Donnell gets airtime.”

Skewering the pay-for-play of today’s politics and media, Dove exhorted audience members to outbid each other in order to get their skit idea improvised on by the troupe. Goaded by the audience chanting “Mar-y Kay! Mar-y Kay!” bids for the “Trump on the Mary Kay bus” idea topped out at $160 in cold cash collected by Dove, who noted: “Dallas is the only place where this could happen.” Caeti’s Trump was eviscerated with sweet Southern “Bless your heart” charm by Barreca: “Oh honey, you need a new foundation. Orange is not your color.” You can guess which P word the punchline pivoted on. It brought the house down.

Holding close to the ideal that “the two-party system should at least be a party, Unelectable You was deftly staged and directed by current Second City hot shot Matt Hovde, with Steve Waltien wrangling fellow writers Tyler Alexander, Billy Bungeroth, Marla Caceres, Ed Furman, Scott Morehead, Carley Mosesley and John Thibodeaux



A Few Thoughts: Remember the tag line for Unelectable You: The Second City's Completely Unbiased Political Review: Wouldn’t you like to take this whole election process and rip it apart with your bare hands? Why not let Second City and Slate do it for you! Well, here we go again as 2019 winds down and the #!!%% show which is the Trump's administration is spewing it out every day. When you think things couldn't get any worse, that Trump and the GOP could go any lower, it's another day of bombshell revelations of incompetence and corruption. As I sit at the outpatient alcohol treatment center I check my phone to see how the impeachment process is going. This might be my last day here at the treatment center. I found an online site last week called LifeBac that has a slightly different approach to dealing with excessive drinking. Sure they have pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy components to their program, BUT they are not a rehab or treatment clinic, but a collection of modern, science-based tools to empower people to get their drinking under control from the privacy of your home. You have online doctor visits, with follow up in-app medication reminders and check-ins. The medication, baclofen, is delivered discreetly to your door. While commonly used to treat multiple sclerosis and spinal cord injuries, baclofen is still undergoing testing in the US as a treatment for alcoholism. However, doctors in Europe have been prescribing, for quite a while,  baclofen as the primary treatment for people who drink excessively. LifeBac's holistic solution lets a person cut back his/her drinking by themself and in private. Baclofen removes alcohol cravings helping a person to unwind their deeply ingrained habit before it's too late. I want to check with my doc to see if I can take baclofen since people with certain health conditions such as epilepsy, ulcers, heart-related ailments, or psychological conditions (such as depression and anxiety disorders) may also experience adverse effects when taking it. And quite honestly, with Trump in the White House who doesn't feel depressed or anxious.

So Second City what is going to be your encore for the 2020 elections. I'm waiting!




Cody Dove

Cody Dove

Cody Dove is thankful for performing during this election season when every day feels like Comedy Christmas. He can seen in the film “The Yank” acting alongside Fred Willard and Colm Meaney – and has improvised onstage with everyone from Colin Mochrie to Bob Odenkirk. His credits with The Second City include: “The Second City’s Improv All Stars,” “The Second City’s History of Chicago,” “The Second City 2: Less Pride More Pork” for Cincinnati’s Playhouse in the Park, Arizona Theater Company’s “The Second City Does Arizona,” and four main stage revues for The Second City Cleveland. He’s proud to be from the great state of New Mexico. Thank you MDC.


Carisa Barreca

Carisa Barreca

Carisa Barreca is thrilled to join the cast of Unelectable You. Carisa is an alumni of the Second City e.t.c Stage where she performed in three resident stage revues. She was also honored to work with Second City at Lyric Opera with Patrick Stewart and Renee Fleming in The Second City’s Guide to the Opera and most recently in the Second City collaboration with Hubbard Street in The Art of Falling. She was awarded “Best Actress” from The Midwest Filmfest for her webseries Doomsdate (www.Doomsdateseries.com). Sincere thanks to The Second City, The Producers, This Amazing Cast, Friends, Family, and Kevin. Follow her candy fueled tweets, instagrams, snapchats @cinderisa.


Frank Caeti

Frank Caeti

FRANK CAETI Second City credits: National Touring Company, resident company Chicago and Las Vegas. Regional Theater credits include: Goodman Theatre, Center Theatre Group Los Angeles, La Jolla Playhouse, Laguna Playhouse, and Dallas Theater Center. TV credits include: MADtv (Series Regular), Modern Family, Key & Peele, The Hotwives of Orlando, Adam Ruins Everything, Reno 911, and NCIS. Sketch/Improv: Just for Laughs Montreal, Upright Citizens Brigade, iO, iO West, The Second City Hollywood, and one half of the acclaimed duo FrankenMatt. www.frankcaeti.com @frankcaeti




Ian Owens grew up in Cocoa Beach Florida. He began performing stand-up comedy in Los Angeles in 2009. He studied and performed at The Second City, Los Angeles before being hired as an actor at Boom Chicago in Amsterdam. His Briggs Myers test score is ENTP. He is unsure of what that means.


Tien Tran

Tien Tran

Tien Tran is a Chicago-based comedian and proud 2016 Second City Bob Curry Fellow. She got her start in comedy as an undergrad at Boston College and has spent the last six years performing with the sketch group Astronaut Theatre at festivals and venues around the country. As a stand-up, she’s performed at showcases throughout the city and was most recently featured at the 2016 Second City NBCUniversal Break Out Comedy Festival. She would like to thank her friends & family, her comedy family, and her Erin & Russ for everything. You can follow her @HankTina


Alan Linic

Alan Linic

Alan Linic is a happy to join this all-star cast as part of Unelectable You. He is an alumnus of the Second City Touring Company, and can be seen performing at Chicago’s UP Comedy Club, iO Theater, and online as part of Calamity Group Comedy. He and his wife, Claire, have a book coming out in October called “Our Perfect Marriage.” Follow the two of them at their joint Twitter @WeFoughtAbout and Alan unelectableyouividually @AlanLinic.



Matt Hovde

Matt Hovde


Matt Hovde’s Directing credits include the 100th Revue Who Do We Think We Are?; Sky’s The Limit (Weather Permitting); Studs Terkel’s Not Working (Jeff Winner – Best Director); America: All Better!; Rod Blagojevich Superstar!; Campaign Supernova; Between Barack and a Hard Place; and The Best of The Second City. He is the Artistic Director of the Second City Training Center, and is a founder of the Galileo Players sketch group. Matt was born in Chicago, grew up in Omaha, and graduated from TCU. He thanks Mick, Richard, and Pegi for inspiration and his family for their support. He enjoys games, science, and sandwiches.


Steve Waltien

Steve Waltien


Steve Waltien originally hails from Vermont. He performs regularly all over the world with The Improvised Shakespeare Company and on Tuesday nights at iO in a two-person improv show with Rush Howell. Steve has written and performed three revues on The Second City Mainstage as well as two critically acclaimed sketch shows at iO and UCB with his writing partner, Daily Show corespondent Jordan Klepper. Their first show was named ‘the best sketch show of the year’ by the Chicago Tribune. Steve also created and performed the Del Close award-winning solo show ‘Scenes With Ghosts.’ Steve was lucky to be a part of the Mr. Show Reunion with Bob Odenkirk and David Cross at the Just For Laughs Festival in Chicago in 2009. TV credits include Chicago PD, BTN’s Friday Night Tailgate and The Second CIty Project- a new sketch comedy show from The Second City. Steve is a member of the teaching faculty at iO and The Second City. Love to Mom, Dad, Ali, Kate and Thomas.


Dan Kois

Dan Kois

Creative Consultant

DAN KOIS is the culture editor of Slate and the co-host of Slate’s parenting podcast Mom and Dad Are Fighting. Dan is also a contributing writer at the New York Times Magazine and the author of the book “Facing Future,” about the Hawaiian musician Israel Kamakawiwo’ole. “The World Only Spins Forward,” his history of “Angels in America” co-written with Isaac Butler, will be published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in 2018; his memoir of parenting around the world, “How to Be a Family,” will be published by Little, Brown in 2019. A onetime performer at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in New York, Dan now lives in Arlington, VA. @dankois.


Tyler Alexander

Tyler Alexander


TYLER ALEXANDER – (Vice President of Brand & Marketing) After studying Arts & Entertainment Management at Columbia College, Tyler took a brief sabbatical from the entertainment business to attend professional flight school earning his licenses in both rotorcraft and fixed wing aircraft. Tyler Alexander returned to his first love, The Second City, in 2011 working with The Second City Network, Second City’s acclaimed digital portal. Currently serving as Vice President of Brand & Marketing for The Second City, Inc., Tyler oversees Second City’s Marketing strategy.


Billy Bungeroth

Billy Bungeroth


Billy Bungeroth is a director and musician who is proud to call Chicago his home. He is a resident director, creative director, and artistic consultant at The Second City. His dark comedies have been staged throughout the country, including La Jolla Playhouse, Atlanta’s Alliance Theater, and Woolly Mammoth in DC. His work with Lyric Opera won him a Joseph Jefferson Award. As a musician he has performed throughout the world, playing Lollapalooza, ACL, and others. He has had the honor of directing & performing with a disperse assortment of today’s top entertainers from a wide variety of disciplines ­ Fred Armisen, Aubrey Plaza, Renee Fleming, Phish, Patrick Stewart, Jeff Tweedy, to name a few.


Marla Caceres

Marla Caceres


Marla Caceres is a writer for the Second City. She has worked on numerous Second City video and theatrical productions, as well as projects for dozens of corporate clients. As an improviser and actor, Marla has performed in Second City shows in La Jolla, Miami, and at sea with the NCL Dawn and Spirit. Marla is also a founding member of Whirled News Tonight, an improvised political satire show that’s been running for 13 years at the iO Chicago.


Ed Furman

Ed Furman


ED FURMAN – Chicago native Ed Furman is a founding member of the Annoyance Theater where he co-created numerous shows including Co-ed Prison Sluts and Donkey Improv. He is an alumni of the Second City Mainstage and has co-authored the shows Rod Blagojevich: Superstar!, Rush Limbaugh: the Musical and Lanyard Skynerd with TJ Shanoff. Ed has written city specific shows for Second City Theatricals for cities including Dallas, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia. He was part of the duo Trainwreck with Dan Bakkedahl and author of the one-act play Doublewide Lust.


Scott Morehead

Scott Morehead


SCOTT MOREHEAD is currently appearing in his second revue on The Second City e.t..c stage. He was previously seen in Soul Brother, Where Art Thou? and has also performed with The Second City’s Touring Company (Mighty, Mighty!), The Improvised Shakespeare Company, Baby Wants Candy and at iO with The Late 90’s. He’d like to thank his family & friends for their support and every wonderful soul at THe Second City. The most special of thanks to his wife, Karisa, and his impossibly perfect son, Grayson. For a closer look: @moremorehead


Carley Moseley

Carley Moseley


CARLEY MOSELEY is thrilled to work with The Second City. A New Jersey native, Carley moved to Chicago after graduating from Vassar College. She has studied and performed at the Second City Training Center, the iO Theater, and Redtwist Theatre. Carley plays with Lola at iO and tweets @carleymoseley. Special thanks to family and friends for being so great!


John Thibodeaux

John Thibodeaux


JOHN THIBODEAUX got his start with The Second City performing in three Outreach and Diversity reviews; Eat Pray Lie, Rahm Wasn’t Build in a Day, and Barackolypse Now. You also may have seen him understudy in the Mainstage revue South Side of Heaven. You can see him at the iO Theater performing with The Improvised Shakespeare Company and 3Peat. He wrote and performed a one man show entitled Ebony Man in an Ivory Tower at The Bughouse theater. He also has co-created a TV pilot called The StartUp which won the CW Seed development deal at the New York Television Festival in 2013. Follow him on twitter; @john_thibodeaux


Jamelle Bouie

Jamelle Bouie

Chief Political Correspondent

Jamelle Bouie is a Slate’s chief political correspondent. He covers politics, policy, and race. He is also a political analyst for CBS News.


Faith Smith

Faith Smith

Executive Producer

Faith Smith is Slate’s executive producer for live programming where she leads all events and gatherings for Slate, Panoply, and Slate Custom. Before joining Slate, she was the director of events and external relations at New America, a nonpartisan think tank.


Julia Turner

Julia Turner

Editor in Chief

Julia Turner is Slate‘s editor in chief. Working from Slate‘s New York office, she oversees the magazine and edits pieces on technology, culture, and design. She also writes regularly for the magazine and is one of the hosts of Slate’s weekly Culture Gabfest podcast. Before joining Slate, she worked at Time Inc.—first in magazine development and later at Sports Illustrated Women.


Raquel Adorno

Costume Designer

RAQUEL ADORNO (Costume Design) is a designer living in Chicago. Credits include We Gotta Bingo (Chicago Theatre Works),Cymbeline (Lakeside Shakespeare Theatre), Motel 666 (WildClaw Theatre), The Jacksonian, Our New Girl, Genius, The Other Place, The Cryptogram, Reasons to Be Happy, Annapurna, Cock, Gidion’s Knot, In God’s Hat, In the Company of Men, The Dream of the Burning Boy and four productions ofHellcab (Profiles Theatre); Murder Ballad, Princess Mary Demands Your Attention, and CARRIE: The Musical (Bailiwick Chicago); Angry Fags (Steppenwolf Garage), Book of Merman, The Submission, Some Men, Songs from an Unmade Bed, andThe All-American Genderf*ck Cabaret (Pride Films and Plays);Barefoot in the Park, Crimes of the Heart, Dead Accounts, three productions of HoliDAZE, Darlin’, and The BenchMark (Step Up Productions); Dust (Lower Case Theatre), Scenes from an Execution (Runcible Theatre Company), Robin Hood and Maid Maria, The Long Christmas Ride Home, Desperate Dolls (Strawdog Theatre Company), Trafford Tanzi and Patria Libre (Prologue Theatre Company).


William Boles

Set Designer

William is a Chicago-based scenic designer who is thrilled to make his Second City debut. Recent regional/ international work includes Cardboard Piano with Actors Theater of Louisville and The Snow Dragon with Opera Siam in Bangkok. He has worked with Lyric Opera of Chicago, Steppenwolf Theatre Company, Wolftrap Opera, Pig Iron Theater Company, The Hypocrites, American Theater Company, A Red Orchid Theatre, Sideshow, First Floor Theater, and Opera Northwestern, amongst others. See more of his work at williambolesdesign.com.


Jesse Case

Sound and Composition

Design/Composition credits with Second City include five original revues as resident musical director of the Main and e.t.c. stages in Chicago, and the Jeff Award-winning The Second City Guide to the Opera. Additionally he’s made music and sound for a wide variety of short films, pilots, theatrical productions, web series, and documentaries, and his credits as a producer include a bloated, overindulgent rap album by T.J. Miller for Comedy Central Records. Hear it all at www.iamjessecase.com.


Heather Gilbert

Lighting Designer

Heather Gilbert (Lighting Designer) ’s lighting designs have been seen on manyChicago stages including The Hypocrites, Goodman Theatre, Steppenwolf, CourtTheatre, Steep Theatre, Victory Gardens Theatre, Chicago Children’s Theatre, Writers’Theatre, About Face Theatre, and countless storefronts. Regional: OregonShakespeare Festival, American Repertory Theatre, Kansas City Rep, Milwaukee Rep,Huntington Theatre, Williamstown Theatre Festival, Alley Theatre, Berkeley Rep, andActors Theatre of Louisville. International: the Almeida in London. Heather received theNEA/TCG Career Development Grant and the 3Arts Award. Heather serves as theHead of Lighting Design at Columbia College Chicago, and received her MFA at theTheatre School. She is a member of The Hypocrites community.


Mike Tutaj

Projections Designer

Mike Tutaj (Projection Design) joins Second City again on this production having designed projections for the Mainstage Revues “Let Them Eat Chaos” and “Depraved New World.”  Based in Chicago, Mr. Tutaj has designed projections for The Goodman Theatre, Chicago Shakespeare Theatre, The Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Steppenwolf Theatre, Court Theatre, TimeLine Theatre, and many more.  Mr. Tutaj is an artistic associate with TimeLine Theatre Company and an adjunct professor in the Theatre Department of Columbia College Chicago.



July 28 – August 28, 2016

Chicago, IL
UP Comedy Club

September 13, 2016

Elyria, OH
Stocker Arts Center

September 18, 2016

Morgantown, WV
Creative Arts Theater

September 20, 2016

Columbus, GA
River Center for the Performing Arts

September 21, 2016

Niceville, FL
Mattie Kelly Arts Center

September 22, 2016

Jacksonville, FL
Florida Theatre

September 23, 2016

Ft. Pierce, FL
Sunrise Theater

September 25, 2016

Tampa, FL
Straz Center for the Performing Arts

September 27, 2016

Charleston, SC
Charleston Gaillard Center

September 28, 2016

Augusta, GA
Imperial Theatre

September 29, 2016

Pembroke, NC
Givens Performing Arts Center


October 2, 2016

Worcester, MA
The Hanover Theater


October 10, 2016

Lima, OH
Veterans Memorial Theatre


October 11, 2016

Port Huron, MI
McMorran Place

October 14 & 15, 2016

Washington, DC
The Kennedy Center

October 16, 2016

Newport News, VA
Ferguson Center for the Arts

October 19, 2016

Des Moines, IA
Des Moines Performing Arts

October 20, 2016

Fairfield, IA
Stephen Sondheim Center for the Performing Arts

October 21, 2016

Cedar Falls, IA
Gallagher Bluedorn Performing Arts Center

October 23, 2016

Charlotte, NC
McGlohon Theater

October 26, 2016

Bloomington, IL
Bloomington Performing Arts Center

October 28, 2016

Schenectady, NY
Proctor’s Theater

October 29, 2016

New London, CT
Garde Arts Center

November 1, 2016

Dallas, TX
Majestic Theatre

November 4, 2016

Mesa, AZ
Mesa Arts Center

November 5, 2016

Riverside, CA
Fox Performing Arts Center